The Erkel Ferenc Mixed Choir

The Past:

Our choir was established in 1948 as the choir of the OKISZ under the leadership of Miklós Pászti and Árpád Fasang. Their successor was József Maklári, who became the conductor in 1963.


The choir revived in 1997 by two young conductors Gergely Tardy and Zoltán Frank. Our present conductor Zsófia Cseri has been leading us since 2002.

 The Membership Of Our Choir:

We are indeed a mixed choir, having members from almost all age groups, different jobs and various stages of musical pre-qualifications. However it is the overall love of music, singing and our community that form a tight bond which keeps us together.


Our Most Important Results:

  • 2018: 55. International Choir Competition – Spittal: 3rd prize
  • 2016: IV. City of Derry International Choir Competition: 4th prize
  • 2014: Liviu Borlan Choir Competition 4th in Baia Mare, Romania

Golden Diploma and a 2nd prize

  • 2012: Seghizzi Choir Competition 51st in Gorizia, Italy
    • Category ‘Folklore’: Golden Diploma and a 2nd prize
    • Silver Diploma and a 3rd prize in two other categories
    • 3rd prize on the Grand Prix
    • Special Award for diverse 20th century repertoire
    • Special Conductor’s Award for Best Conductor


  • 2011: International Choir Competition 13th in Budapest, Hungary

      1st prize and Golden Diploma in Category ‘A1’

  • 2010: Heart of Europe International Choir Competition 1st in Gelnhausen, Germany

            Two Silver Diplomas and a 3rd prize

  • 2008: Bartók Béla International Choir Competition 23rd in Debrecen, Hungary

              3rd prize

  • 2006: Kodály Zoltán Hungarian Choir Competition 4th in Budapest, Hungary

             Golden Diploma, Special Award and a 2nd prize

  2006: We were qualified as a Special Concert Choir by the Association of Hungarian Choirs  and

     Orchestras (KÓTA).

  • 2004: Choir Olympics 3rd in Bremen, Germany

      Two Silver Diplomas

  • 2003: International Choir Competition 9th in Budapest, Hungary

              1st prize in Category ‘B1’ for mixed choirs

2000: Our choir was qualified as Festival Choir by KÓTA.