DISZKOGRÁFIA – Händel: Israel in Egypt

Georg Friedrich Händel: Izráel Egyiptomban – 2009

Händel: Israel in Egypt

  1. The ways of Zion – Sinfonia
  2. The ways of Zion do mourn
  3. When the ear heard him
  4. How are the mighty fall’n!
  5. Their bodies are buried in peace
  6. They shall receive a glorious kingdom
  7. The merciful goodness of the Lord
  8. Now here arose
  9. Then sent he Moses
  10. They loathed to drink
  11. He gave them hailstones
  12. He sent a thick darkness
  13. He smote all the first-born
  14. The Lord is my strength
  15. The enemy said
  16. He rebuked the red sea – He led them – But the waters
  17. And Israel saw – And believed the Lord
  18. The Lord is a man of war
  19. Thou didst blow
  20. The Lord shall reign
  21. For the horse of pharaoh
  22. The Lord shall reign
  23. And Miriam the prophetess
  24. Sing ye to the Lord – For he hath triuphed gloriously – The Lord shall reign


  • Erkel Ferenc Vegyeskar
  • Vox Univeristatis Szegediensis
  • Draskóczy Eszter zenekara
  • Mihály Andrea (szoprán)
  • Mihály Eszter (szoprán)
  • László Nóra (alt)
  • Króneisz Gábor (tenor)
  • Deák Bence (basszus)
  • Szélpál Szilveszter (basszus)


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